Get started

Let's get started with mt-step.


yarn add mt-step
npm install --save mt-step

When vue < 2.7, need install @vue/composition-api
If you meet some dependency error when install, please remove node_modules folder and .lock file

Usage Example

This is a basic usage example, import MtStep, MtStepItem components and css, each step is a MtStepItem component.

<template>  <div class="usage-example">    <BaseButton @click="showStep = true" />    <MtStep v-if="showStep">      <MtStepItem        :stepItem="[          {            selector: '#get-started',            hint: { text: 'This is a title' },          },        ]"      />      <MtStepItem        :stepItem="[          {            selector: '.usage-example__button',            hint: { text: 'This is a button' },          },        ]"      />    </MtStep>  </div></template><script setup lang="ts">import 'mt-step/css'import { MtStep, MtStepItem } from 'mt-step'import { ref } from 'vue'const showStep = ref(false)</script>